Gear Couplings Manufacturers

Gear CouplingsFlexible Coupling: is a mechanical gadget intended to transmit torque between two shafts that are not collinear. The coupling ordinarily comprises two flexible joints, one fixed to each shaft. These joints are regularly associated with a third shaft called the spindle.

B.V. Transmission Industry is well-known as Couplings Manufacturers especially Gear Coupling is manufactured using top grade raw material such as cast steel and cast iron. We provide you an excellent line of top-grade Flexible Gear Couplings, which is going through rigorous quality tests before being approved for supply. This process helps us to make sure that our manufactured products are hazard free, corrosion-resistant and durable.

Gear coupling manufacturer in India

Specifications of Gear Couplings

  • Best quality spares for gear couplings that are manufactured from the EN-8 materials.
  • The teeth cuttings are manufactured by maintaining the D.O.P./SPAN for the required sliding tolerances. The parts are wholly interchangeable.
  • All the casings are created from EN-8/EN-9 materials & Up to 43 inches (1,067 mm) bore capacity
  • Heat treatment can be done based on customer request having a heavy-duty warranty
  • Widely supply in high-speed and high-torque applications
  • Large flex hubs put up high-torque applications in space-limited installations

Industrial Application of Gear Couplings:

Gear Couplings utilized in a broad range of industries such as Steel Plants, Cement Plants, Power Plants, Sugar Mill Plants, Hammer Mills, Metal Rolling Plants, Rolling Mills, Oil Industry, Rubber Industry, Mining Hubs, Cranes & Hoists, Crushers, and Marine Plants as well as Chemical and Fertilizer Plants.

Advantages of using our high-grade Gear Coupling:

  • Has a Long life span with Compact & Sturdy structure
  • Corrosion resistance and has Excellent bore capacity
  • High torque rating and torsional stiffness

So if you have any requirements for buy Gear Coupling, do not hesitate to call us at B.V Chains as we can provide you with the finest quality Couplings.

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